33 Reasons Miley Cyrus Was Actually The Best Thing To Happen To 2013

Forget the haters, ‘cause somebody loves ya. #TeamMiley till 2098.

1. First of all, she became her true bad-bitch self this year.

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2. And it was pretty effin’ great.

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3. She gave us the now-iconic hair nubbins…

Mauceri / MacFarlane / INFphoto.com / Via buzzfeed.com
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…and the less iconic, but still important uninub.

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4. She was a a pioneer for marijuana rights when she smoked a doobie on stage at an awards show:


Gif via.

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5. And wore this weed-leaf shirt, which should be a necessary piece of clothing for everyone:

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6. And she stood up for people that aren’t pregnant, just fucking sick:


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7. She unknowingly gave us the best footage of Taylor Swift freaking out:

ID: 2209328

8. And Selena Gomez…

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9. And this reaction shot from Rihanna and the boys of One Direction:

ID: 2209201

10. She introduced us to the world’s most adorable sad cat:

ID: 2209399

11. And also to the world’s best personal website:

ID: 2210386

12. She did this:

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13. Without which we’d have never gotten this incredibly important pug:

ID: 2209318

14. Or this revolutionary Christmas ornament:

ID: 2211604

15. She killed it on SNL as the host AND musical guest:

ID: 2209076

16. And wasn’t afraid to make fun of herself and we loved her for it.

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17. Also there was this Brady Bunch rendition of “We Can’t Stop,” and it was pretty much awesome:

ID: 2210008

18. And this onesie twerking bonanza, which made you just wanna dance in a onesie:

ID: 2211621

19. She revealed her true hopes and dreams:

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20. And we realized she was kind of just like us, the way she fangirled over Britney:

MTV / Via buzzfeed.com
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21. Like, actually freaked about seeing her live:

ID: 2209260

22. And danced like this throughout the show:

ID: 2209496

23. This year Miley not only got to party with a monkey:

ID: 2209568

24. But she also got to hold a baby wallabee:

ID: 2209569

25. And we can’t forget that it was also a legendary year for her pelvic region:

ID: 2209983

26. Her VMA performance was scandalous but also one of the most entertaining things to happen this year…

ID: 2209567

27. And without all of her bold fashion statements, we’d never know what the Disney princesses would look like as her:


ID: 2209083

28. Her halloween costume as Lil’ Kim was almost better than when Lil’ Kim did it…

ID: 2209138

29. And she was refreshingly insightful during interviews…


GIFs via.

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30. And honest about what her message to everyone is.

Getty Images / Jason Kempin
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31. Even though her videos were ~risqué~…

ID: 2210001

32. They were also emotional and heartbreaking…

ID: 2210363

33. And we can’t forget that the girl can ACTUALLY sing.

ID: 2210328

So, in conclusion:

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