Everything You Need To Know About Henry Cavill, The New Superman

Introducing Henry Cavill. He — and a new teaser poster for “Man of Steel” — has got us all riled up about the latest installment of the Superman movies.

1. This is the teaser poster they just released for “Man Of Steel”

ID: 436579

2. This is Henry Cavill, your newest Superman.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 436578

3. He’s handsome

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images
ID: 436581

4. And Buff. This was him as Theseus in “Immortals”

ID: 436587

5. He also likes to wear scarves…

ID: 436592

7. Did we mention he’s British?

Him in his role in “The Tudors.”

ID: 436593

8. Picture this with an accent.

ID: 436765

9. He’s intense.

Kristian Dowling / AP
ID: 436802

10. But also adorable.

ID: 436655

11. Really adorable.

ID: 436629

12. He has great hair.

Max Morse / Getty Images
ID: 436804

13. Look at that volume!

Max Morse / Getty Images
ID: 436808

14. It’s great for growing a beard.

Oh yeah, and look, him being buff again on the set of Man Of Steel.

ID: 436970

15. He was Stephanie Meyers first choice for Edward in “Twilight.”

Once they began filming, he was too old to play the part.

ID: 436860

16. He was runner up for the latest Bond movie.

They went with Daniel Craig.

ID: 436859

17. He was also up to be the most recent Batman.

Christian Bale got the part!

ID: 436858

18. Thank goodness now he’s Superman. This is what we have to look forward to in “Man Of Steel”

Clay Enos / AP
ID: 436803

19. OH, and also THIS:

ID: 436640
Chris Pizzello / AP

Yes, thumbs up is right!

ID: 436799

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