Henry Cavill Breaking Up With Kaley Cuoco Is The End Of A Week-Long Nightmare

Literally one week after their public debut, Henry and Kaley have broken up. *Sheds tears of joy*

1. A long time ago (if you are a dog), Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill came out as a “couple” and it WAS THE WORST THING EVER.

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ID: 1360102

2. They held hands and it was gross.

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3. They went shopping together and it was AWFUL.

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4. She touched the small of his back and it was like, “Get off the small of his back NOW.”

ID: 1360074

5. Then she started eating his shoulder like a freaking cannibal or something.

ID: 1359986

6. And she was just smooshed in there trying to bite off his beautiful muscles and you wanted to smash your head through a window.

ID: 1359987

7. But then something wonderful happened:

ID: 1360172

11. And faster then you could say spaghetti, “CUOCVILL” was OVER.

ID: 1360158

12. And so, this glorious being was FREE ONCE AGAIN!

Kenneth Cappello for GQ UK
ID: 1359837

13. And this flawless form was released from his relationship ropes.

ID: 1359799


ID: 1359934

15. And this perfect back was available for the taking.

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16. And this stunning chest–ab combo was free to do what it wanted.

ID: 1359947

17. And there was HOPE!

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18. Hope for humanity.

Kenneth Cappello for GQ UK
ID: 1359843

19. This butt was a prisoner to NO ONE ANYMORE!

ID: 1359971

20. And now he can be mine. I mean OURS.

ID: 1359806

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