Flag Head Lady Becomes An American Hero

She is what this country needed.

1. In case you missed it…

4. #flagflagflag

6. It’s inspirational, really.

7. You can call her Flag Head.

Twitter loved her.

I live for the woman behind Obama with a flag in her hair. She is iconic. She is everything. She won this election. #VictorySpeech

— tyleroakley (@Tyler Oakley)

Obsessed with the flag-in-hair lady!!!

— BravoAndy (@Andy Cohen)

Dear Lady With The Flag In Her Hair Behind Obama, ... you go girl. Use them hands for clapping. Love, Me.

— sparkswo5 (@sparkswo5)

Some people thought she looked like Oprah.

Side note, that woman will forever go down as an Oprah doppelgänger with a flag in her hair.

— lucyhale (@Lucy Hale)

If Oprah doesn't go out as that girl with the flag in her hair for Halloween next year then I lose all hope in humanity.

— dbeltwrites (@Dustin Belt)

That Oprah lookalike behind Obama last night with the flag in her hair is about to be famous. #whateven

— josiephillipp (@Josie Phillipp)

One person thought she WAS Oprah.

I love how Oprah had an US flag in her hair during Obama's speech

— frankdominguezf (@Frank Dominguez)

BuzzFeed’s own Samir predicted that this might happen days ago.

Either way, Flag Head IS America.

"It doesn't matter if you have a flag sticking out of your hair, you can make it in America"

— maminshah (@MUHAMMAD AMIN SHAH)

Tonight, whether you're a republican or a democrat, we are all that lady with the flag in her hair. #USA

— funnyordie (@Funny Or Die)

23. Also, flag-heading is a thing now.

24. Flag-bearding too.

25. If you are bald you can flag-emoji.

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