Bill Murray Remained Perfect And Amazing In 2012

He’s the best.

1. 2012 was a great year for Bill Murray.

Focus Features, Nicola Dove / AP

2. Because in 2012 his GQ cover was revealed, and he looked spectacular…

3. …and also like a rock star.

4. In 2012 he took this soothing photo with a plant:

5. And a gaggle of Korean Pop Stars fell in love with him.

6. In 2012, he crashed a local game of kickball…

7. And was great entertainment during a rain delay at a baseball game:

8. In 2012 he went golfing wearing his “Caddyshack” costume

9. He also wore this outfit while golfing…

10. ..and this one too.

Getty Images

11. In 2012 he walked down a hallway with some kids:

Video available at:

12. And wore this hat…

13. …and this hat:

Getty Images

14. ..and these two hats:

Getty Images

15. In 2012 he brought a tiny camera with him to a movie premiere…

16. …wore this outfit while posing like this:

17. …and held hands with Wes Anderson:

18. In 2012 he ate popcorn…

19. Then he thought deep thoughts while eating that popcorn.

Getty Images

20. In 2012 he made the best entrance to a late night talk show ever:

22. And he went to a basketball game with mutton chops.

Getty Images

23. In 2012 he played with a mini marshmallow man

Getty Images

26. In 2012 he threw the first pitch at a cubs game…

Getty Images

27. And then slid into home.

Getty Images

28. Basically, 2012 was a great year for Bill Murray.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images


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