17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Drake rocked glasses, John Mayer got licked, and more!

1. Miley Cyrus tongued out with Sky Ferrera.

ID: 2965685

2. Lena Dunham cuddled with her #cool 80s dog.

ID: 2965699

3. Drake got intellectual.

ID: 2965705

4. Oprah went to Broadway.

ID: 2965711

5. John Stamos gave a hand.

ID: 2965722

6. Reese Witherspoon thought about her life.

ID: 2965728

7. Andy Cohen and Jon Hamm took a selfie.

ID: 2965740

8. John Mayer got a big lick.

ID: 2965760

9. Amanda Seyfried got her name spelled wrong.

ID: 2965772

10. Colton Haynes perfected the photobomb.

ID: 2965785

11. GOOP went to the market.

ID: 2965867

12. Naill showed off his chest.

ID: 2965878

13. Zooey Deschanel played peek-a-boo.

ID: 2965934

14. Lauren Conrad made a tiny friend.

ID: 2965946

15. Nicole Richie showed off her beach bod.

ID: 2965959

16. Ryan Seacrest played with his puppy.

ID: 2965964

17. And Neil Patrick Harris went to the park with his family.

ID: 2965970

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