This Woman Has 10-Feet Long Fingernails

And she claims it doesn’t cause her any problems whatsoever.

1. Chris ‘The Duchess’ Walton, a singer from Las Vegas, stopped cutting her nails 19 years ago.

ID: 1628948

2. They’re now 10-feet long, earning her a place in the World Guinness Record Book.

ID: 1628949

3. You’d think nails like these would make everyday tasks pretty impractical.

ID: 1628950

4. But apparently that’s not the case.

ID: 1628951

5. ‘The Duchess’ says she can drive, cook, go to the toilet, and even play piano, perfectly well.

ID: 1628952

6. “It’s not hard for me,” she told Daybreak. “It’s just hard for your thought process.”

ID: 1628953

Watch the full interview at ITV.

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