The 24 Most Pretentious Things Ever

Some people take themselves just a little too seriously.

1. This method of preparing coffee.

Melbourne cafe The Sensory Lab, where the coffee costs £8 a cup. Photo: Mike Keating.

ID: 1325009

2. This graffiti spotted in Shoreditch.

ID: 1325312

3. This ad agency slogan.

ID: 1324658

4. This marketing mission statement.

ID: 1324673

5. This photo of Sting playing the lute while his wife does yoga.

ID: 1325045

6. This advert for a replica All Blacks rugby shirt.

ID: 1322508

7. This guy’s diet.

ID: 1324826

8. This tweet.

ID: 1325143

9. This Instagram photo.

ID: 1325207

11. This menu.

The culinary fare offered to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a 2011 gala charity dinner in London.

ID: 1323113

12. Kanye West, interviewed by the New York Times.

Taylor Hill / WireImage / Getty Images / Via
ID: 1322853

13. This “symbiotic chair”.

ID: 1323185

14. These things said by Gwyneth Paltrow.

ID: 1323362

15. All these beards.

ID: 1324740

16. Lady Gaga’s thoughts on pearls.

ID: 1323380

17. This coffee menu.

ID: 1324951

18. This description of London 2012 mascot Wenlock.

Photo: Getty

ID: 1322497

19. These Brooklyn-based chocolatiers.

ID: 1325306

20. This musing on the cultural meaning of the custard pie.

ID: 1322569

21. Davie Bowie’s response, when asked to explain his recent album “The Next Day”.

ID: 1322718

22. This mode of transport.

ID: 1326107

23. This pseudo-intellectual cat.

ID: 1324817

24. And this ostentatiously literary dog.

ID: 1324801

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