The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To The St. Jude Storm

Brace yourselves. Twitter jokes are coming.

1. Some spotted an opportunity for political satire.

2. Or for a dig at Macca.

3. Or at southerners.

4. Others exaggerated the storm’s severity for comic effect.


Maybe we should send Bruce Willis and his chums into space, in humanity's last desperate attempt to prevent #stormageddon

— jamesy1962 (@Nick James)

6. There were the usual fake photos.

Unbelievable photo sent from @BBCNews helicopter of #ukstorm surge in London. Wow!

— hrtbps (@hrtbps)

7. Which somehow never stop being funny, no matter how many times you see them.

@misslaidlaw @bobsitch @hrtbps @BBCNews this is the view from my window.

— malcolmcoles (@malcolm coles)

8. Inevitably, one person won Twitter by taking the meta view and parodying everyone else.

Here's how the storm will (probably) play out on Twitter tomorrow. #UKStorm

— WelshDalaiLama (@Dai Lama)

9. A spoof Met Office warning (by @utterben) was nicked and reposted endlessly.

Ben Horsley / Via Twitter: @utterben

We’re looking at you, @TheLadBible, though loads of other people were guilty of it.

10. There was a lot of fun to be had with the concept of middle-class panic buying.

BREAKING NEWS: Reports of panic buying in Chelsea. Waitrose is out of swan liver paté & organic lavender-infused olive oil. Mayhem. #ukstorm

— WelshDalaiLama (@Dai Lama)

Just panic bought (nicked) three kit kats and a jar of marmalade. Two kit kats have already blown away. Fucking apocalypse. #ukstorm

— ivantheseagull (@Ivan the Seagull)

12. Other people referenced popular culture.

Don't want to alarm anyone, but I've just seen this outside my window. #ukstorm

— Pundamentalism (@James Martin)

13. (Extra special shout-out for the Sharknado gag).

It's getting rough up in Yorkshire. #UKStorm2013

— MrRileyEsquire (@Mr Riley)

14. Oh, and everyone basically made the same sarcastic joke. Thankfully it was a good one.

First photos of the catastrophic storm damage in London emerging.

— Grumples_ (@Grumples)

The terror has begun..... #ukstorm #GodSaveUs

— bethppineapple (@VERIFY PEWDIEPIE!!!)

It’s all kicking off. #ukstorm

— JamieDMJ (@Jamie Jones)

DAMN THIS WEATHER!!! WHY???!! *shakes fist at the wind* #ukstorm

— BiscuitAhoy (@Lisaaaargh!)

15. Finally, one person articulated the only sensible reaction to the storm.

Let's all go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over #ukstorm #StJude

— nicolepluckx (@Nicole)

16. Apart from maybe this one.

I'm going to build a blanket fort in preparation for #stormageddon

— thisisamy_ (@Amy.)

Stay safe, people.

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