26 Kissing Disasters

Warning: extreme awkwardness ahead.

1. The “start of something beautiful” kiss.

ID: 1686657

2. The “underage disco” kiss.

ID: 1680403

3. The “no-one likes a show-off” kiss.

ID: 1686752

4. The “disappointed bride” kiss.

ID: 1686750

5. The virginal, “we probably should have practiced this” kiss.

ID: 1687792
ID: 1687813

6. The “never mess with Will Smith” kiss.

ID: 1686803

7. The “must we do this?” showbiz kiss.

SGranitz / WireImage
ID: 1686865

8. (And the political version).

ID: 1686875

9. The “how is this supposed to work again?” celebrity kiss.

JOE KLAMAR / Getty Images
ID: 1686873

10. The “visibly uncomfortable” Presidential kiss.

ID: 1686866

(You see this variety all the time).

ID: 1686874

11. The “I immediately regret this decision” awards show kiss.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 1680658

12. The “unwanted advance” kiss.

ID: 1686761

13. The “unexpectedly tender sportsman” kiss.

ID: 1686783

14. The “campaign trail” kiss.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images
ID: 1680677

15. The rarely sighted “sexy plank” kiss.

ID: 1680894

16. The “I have no idea what I’m doing” kiss.

ID: 1680900

17. The always-challenging “three-way” kiss.

ID: 1680921

18. The “not sure what to do with my tongue” kiss.




Courtesy of 80s pop star Pete Burns.

ID: 1680916

19. The regrettable “drunk at a fancy dress party” kiss.

ID: 1681001

20. The “interrupted by a prankster” kiss.

ID: 1686749

21. The “mum and dad’s anniversary” kiss.

ID: 1681015

22. The “startled baby” kiss.

ID: 1680891

23. The “50 Cent invading your personal space” kiss.

ID: 1680868

24. The “curiosity killed…” kiss.

ID: 1686748

25. The never less than spectacular “overly attached sealion” kiss.

ID: 1686753

26. And the once-in-a-lifetime “hopeful orangutan left hanging” kiss.

ID: 1686809

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