Ian H Watkins From Steps Falls Foul Of An Extremely Unfortunate Picture Fail

You might want to think about correcting this, E! Online.

1. Poor H from Steps.

3. When you share your name with a famous criminal, misunderstandings are sadly inevitable.

5. It’s no surprise the poor guy has decided to take a break from Twitter.

Decided to have a break from twitter... Not sure when I'll be back.. Big Hugs to you all x H x

— Ianhwatkins (@Ian watkins)

7. Let’s hope he doesn’t see this article on E! Online, then.

9. Plenty of readers have noticed the mistake.

10. Might be time to check your @ replies, @eonline?

I am shocked that, as masters of instant news, @Eonline has not yet amended its extremely libellous mistake. #changethepictureyoupratts

— Kate_Bod (@Kate Bod)

YOU HAD ONE JOB @eonline

— aylott (@Tom Aylott +1)

@eonline wow enjoy the lawsuit you're going to get for posting a picture of the wrong guy. You utter morons

— TomTaaffe (@Tom Taaffe)

The picture guy at E! Online is having the LONGEST LUNCH BREAK EVER

— benfraserlee (@Benjamin Lee)

UPDATE (11.04am, 29/11/13): E! Online have apologised. A spokeswoman said:

“E! Online deeply regrets originally publishing an image of Ian H Watkins of the band Steps, rather than Ian Watkins of Lostprophets, and the error was corrected immediately.

“We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action. Additionally, E! Online has reached out to Ian H Watkins, via his management, to apologise directly.”

In a message on his website, the Steps singer said: “Thank you to everyone who has supported me today! My management took swift action to remove my image which was posted due to shoddy journalism.”

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