31 Things Only "Breaking Bad" Obsessives Will Find Funny

Fans unite.

1. This gag.

ID: 1502213

3. Gale doing this dance.

ID: 1501635

4. The fact Bryan Cranston pulled this stunt at Comic-Con.

Karson Tager


This is too funny, Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg-Breaking Bad) wore a Heisenberg mask to #SDCC & no one knew!

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ID: 1501901

5. The fact this website exists in real life.

This site is worth a look too, Hector Salamanca fans.

ID: 1502659

6. This fun game.

ID: 1502691

7. This handy guide, explaining how to work out where the different scenes take place.

By Redditor Phritz777. / Via quickmeme.com
ID: 1501997

8. This observation.

By Redditor SuspiciousDG. / Via imgur.com
ID: 1502003

9. This visualisation.

ID: 1502726

10. This alternate reality.

ID: 1502743

11. This anagram.

By Redditor khirm. / Via imgur.com
ID: 1502023

12. This cat.

ID: 1502034

13. This Twitter account.

ID: 1502083

14. This imaginary Facebook exchange.

ID: 1501626

15. And this one.

ID: 1501632

16. A young Aaron Paul appearing on The Price Is Right and acting just like an excited Jesse Pinkman.


ID: 1501778

17. This unfortunate juxtaposition.

ID: 1502166

18. Walt and Jessie dressed up as each other at a cast party.

ID: 1502223

19. This shot of Jesse and Combo hanging out.

ID: 1501872

20. These lookalikes.

ID: 1501648

21. This Simpsons reference.

ID: 1502615

22. Which kind of makes sense when you think about it.

ID: 1502797

23. Also: this incredible Breaking Bad/The Simpsons mash-up.

Seriously, watch it. You won’t regret it.

ID: 1502235

24. This play on words.

ID: 1502279

25. This memorable quote from Season One.

ID: 1501705

26. These tweets by Dean Norris.

First new episode BB titled The Decision. What's Hank's next move...

— dean norris (@deanjnorris)

dean norris


First new episode BB titled The Decision. What’s Hank’s next move…

/ Via
ID: 1501697

Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it's getting ripe in here #IAMTHEONEWHOWIPES

— dean norris (@deanjnorris)

dean norris


Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it’s getting ripe in here #IAMTHEONEWHOWIPES

/ Via
ID: 1501684

27. This kid’s Halloween costume.

ID: 1502812

28. This stark warning.

ID: 1502771

29. This admission.

ID: 1502106

30. Bryan Cranston dancing on roller skates.

ID: 1501736

31. And this GIF, which you must never stop looking at.

ID: 1501614

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