31 Things Only "Breaking Bad" Obsessives Will Find Funny

Fans unite.

3. Gale doing this dance.

4. The fact Bryan Cranston pulled this stunt at Comic-Con.

5. The fact this website exists in real life.

This site is worth a look too, Hector Salamanca fans.

7. This handy guide, explaining how to work out where the different scenes take place.

By Redditor Phritz777. / Via quickmeme.com

8. This observation.

By Redditor SuspiciousDG. / Via imgur.com

9. This visualisation.

10. This alternate reality.

11. This anagram.

By Redditor khirm. / Via imgur.com

12. This cat.

13. This Twitter account.

14. This imaginary Facebook exchange.

15. And this one.

16. A young Aaron Paul appearing on The Price Is Right and acting just like an excited Jesse Pinkman.


17. This unfortunate juxtaposition.

18. Walt and Jessie dressed up as each other at a cast party.

19. This shot of Jesse and Combo hanging out.


20. These lookalikes.

21. This Simpsons reference.

22. Which kind of makes sense when you think about it.

23. Also: this incredible Breaking Bad/The Simpsons mash-up.

Seriously, watch it. You won’t regret it.

24. This play on words.

25. This memorable quote from Season One.

26. These tweets by Dean Norris.

First new episode BB titled The Decision. What's Hank's next move...

— deanjnorris (@dean norris)

Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it's getting ripe in here #IAMTHEONEWHOWIPES

— deanjnorris (@dean norris)

27. This kid’s Halloween costume.

28. This stark warning.

29. This admission.

30. Bryan Cranston dancing on roller skates.

31. And this GIF, which you must never stop looking at.

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