16 Startlingly Lame Valentine’s Day Press Releases

Valentine’s Day: the ultimate excuse to try and sell you a bunch of crap.

1. Love is… finding a dependable lighting solution.

2. Love is… business.


3. Love is… getting your taxes in order.

4. Love is… targeting criminals.

5. Love is… a cut-price hair loss assessment.

Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @NotRollergirl

6. Love is… a new bathroom.

7. Love is… finding the ultimate storage solution.

8. Love is… protecting your smartphone against damage.

Via Getty / Rufus Cox

9. Love is… buying figs.

10. Love is… self-conscious “banter” between brand Twitter accounts.

11. Love is… the chance to win a date with Ryan Gosling!

Getty / Stephen Lovekin

Legal disclaimer: you definitely will not win a date with Ryan Gosling.

12. Love is… Take Me Out.

13. Love is… a Lego rose.


14. Love is… gambling.

Getty / Gareth Cattermole

15. Love is… vanquishing halitosis.

16. Love is… disappointment.

Note the spelling mistake there. Brilliant.

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