19 Types Of British Weather, Ranked

It’s not all rain. There are clouds as well as rain.

19. Sunny.

Poorly ranked, since it’s likely fictional.

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18. Grey.

A fairly consistent grey. A bit chilly, maybe with some wind.

ID: 2841537

17. Grey (mildly threatening).

No clear clouds, but a couple of dodgy ones that look like they might ruin your day.

ID: 2841538

16. Grey (car park).

Flickr: twon / Via Creative Commons

The most depressing grey.

ID: 2841559

15. Snow.


Pretty annoying for people living in the North. The goddamn Apocalypse if you live in the South.

ID: 2861129

14. Grey (heavy clouds)

Flickr: ockam / Via Creative Commons

Almost an arty grey. If you look at it upside down, it kind of looks like the sea, and you’re floating really high in the air.

ID: 2841608

13. Drizzle (heavy).

Flickr: ishanmanjrekar / Via Creative Commons

Will still get you fairly wet, very quickly.

ID: 2861092

12. Grey (rain coming).

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It’s just a matter of time until it’s raining.

ID: 2861041

11. Drizzle (light).

Flickr: sidibousaid / Via Creative Commons

Often comes with a side of fog.

ID: 2861108

10. Grey (solid).

Really thick grey, but has interesting clouds as well.

ID: 2841540

9. Drizzle (Scottish).

Flickr: paulspace / Via Creative Commons

Also known as Scotch Mist. Cake can still be eaten in this weather.

ID: 2861086

8. Grey (decent clouds).

Flickr: rosstucknott / Via Creative Commons

Really good grey. Lost of clouds, which make it actually quite interesting. There will definitely not be any sun though.

ID: 2841550


The day when there’s just nothing. It’s not bad, it’s not good, there’s not even clouds. It’s like someone forgot to load the weather.

ID: 2841545

6. Grey (some clouds).

Flickr: fifikins / Via Creative Commons

Adequate grey.

ID: 2841554

5. Grey (morning).

Looking like the sun might come out briefly, at some point during the day, so not all bad.

ID: 2841548

4. Rain.

Typically, rains on about 30% of all days in Britain. Which is nice.

ID: 2861122

3. Sort of sunny.

Flickr: powellizer / Via Creative Commons

The most common sort of sun. Everyone goes to the park, and pretends it’s not a little bit too chilly to be outside, then gives up and goes to the pub when the sun goes behind a bank of clouds.

ID: 2861012

2. The bit where it stops raining for a few hours.

Flickr: namestartswithj89 / Via Creative Commons

You can run to the shops to get milk.

ID: 2861104

1. Clear skies.

The best day in the English calendar.

ID: 2860978

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