27 Ways "Friends" Completely Prepared You For Your Actual Life

The One With All The Slidey Things.

1. You know that there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with the exact same people, in the exact same place, for years.

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2. You’re willing to let your personal style develop as you get older.

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3. You always know exactly when to pivot.

And struggle to actually move anything large without using the word “pivot”.

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4. You’re very, very careful about who you let work around your house.

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5. But you’re always happy to make the best of a bad situation.

TV fixes all.

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6. Sometimes, a coffee shop is as good as a bar.

I mean, maybe. Maybe.

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7. And when you find somewhere you like, you’ll basically never leave.

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8. You definitely know that you shouldn’t fight your friends for dates.

It won’t work out for anyone involved.

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9. Your lifestyle will change a lot, and it won’t be all bad.

Some people might even prefer the romantic bath.

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10. Even if that lifestyle mainly revolves around chilling in your apartment.

And drinking Sprite.

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11. Enjoying the holidays with your friends can be done at any age.

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12. Sometimes, you might struggle to get over your ex.

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13. But you’ll start to learn the tricks to get better at dating.

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14. It doesn’t matter the job you start doing, because with a bit of work, you’ll end up doing what you want.

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15. You’ll definitely make mistakes with your friends, and it’ll hurt when you do.

They might even require you to spend some time in a box.

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16. But you’ll always be able to talk to them.

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17. It’s great to stick with your passions, even if they don’t work out.

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18. Well, unless there’s a blackout, of course.

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19. You definitely shouldn’t bet your apartment on a quiz, no matter how sure of the answer you are.

Especially if your answer is “Transponster”.

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20. Seriously, if you’ve got a great apartment, you really need to hang onto it.

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21. Or your kitchen may become home to food being eaten from a fussball table.

Though that actually does seem like a great idea.

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22. Even if it does prove that you can make anywhere a much nicer place to live.

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23. You definitely shouldn’t get involved where you’re not supposed to.

Some things are secrets for a reason.

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24. Though when all else fails, it’s great to have somewhere to hang out with your friends.

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25. You’ll be able to spend time with the same people for years.

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26. Because you’ll always come back to them for advice.

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27. And after all, you might just fall in love with your best friend.

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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