14 People Proving That Puddles Are Humanity’s Greatest Natural Predator

They’re coming for us.

1. This woman thinking she’s just going to walk across the street.

ID: 2899808

2. This man going to his car.

ID: 2962013

3. This man getting tricked by some ice.

ID: 2899810

4. This man who decided to walk on water.

ID: 2899860

5. This kid being lulled into a false sense of security.

ID: 2899806

6. This girl taking way too much of a risk.

ID: 2899812

7. These cyclists who probably should have gone around.

ID: 2899824

8. This unfortunate fellow thinking he was safe in a car park.

ID: 2899811

9. This girl who might carry a lighter bag next time.

ID: 2899829

10. This guy who probably regrets jumping.

ID: 2899838

11. This cyclist making a terrible error.

ID: 2899893

12. This other cyclist who probably should have checked his landing.

ID: 2900008

13. This girl not making a good judgement call.

ID: 2900126

14. This girl who should probably have gone round to the other side of the car.

ID: 2899969

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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