22 People At The Exact Moment The Universe Kicked Them In The Balls

When the universe slaps you down, it hurts.

1. This cyclist who over-estimated his abilities.

ID: 2900420

2. This guy who got way too enthusiastic for the photograph.

ID: 2900431

3. This ballerina who is unlikely to be a ballerina much longer.

ID: 2900435

4. This young child with a dog that decided the baths have been the wrong way around.

ID: 2900436

5. This girl whose guinea pig was hungry.

ID: 2900429

6. This guy whose face is about to get pretty cold.

ID: 2900437

7. This guy who wasn’t paying quite enough attention.

ID: 2908963

8. This girl whose friend doesn’t understand gravity.

ID: 2900438

9. These kids who might get wet.

ID: 2908978

10. This guy who seems to have dropped something.

ID: 2900439

11. This guy whose friend is about to cause him some pain.

ID: 2900440

12. This woman who might have a slightly mean husband.

ID: 2900441

13. This guy who probably made a bad decision to climb a pole.

ID: 2900442

14. This girl who’s just not getting much help.

ID: 2900443

15. This guy’s unfortunate moment at his own wedding.

ID: 2900446

16. This kid whose whip is clearly over-powered.

ID: 2900451

17. The city cyclist who found steering easier not to do.

ID: 2900459

18. This wakeboarder.

ID: 2900463

19. This kid who found sitting a bit too complicated.

ID: 2900465

20. This person who also tried a bit too hard to get into the picture.

ID: 2900469

21. This skateboarder who also over-estimated their ability to deal with the road.

ID: 2900481

22. This kid getting literally kicked in the balls.

ID: 2900484

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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