19 Reasons You Like Animals Better Than People

People are terrible and animals are great.

1. Animals will let you rub your face on all their soft fur.

People look at you weirdly if you rub your face on them.

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2. Animals are always loads of fun at the bar.

People just get drunk and do stupid things.

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3. Animals love taking care of their friends.

People just subtweet and give side-eye.

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4. Animals know how to behave in the pool

People splash around and break all the rules.

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5. But when animals want to have fun, they’re amazing at it.

No people have every enjoyed a inflatable this much.

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6. Animals have no prejudices, even when one of them is a pig.

People…well, people do.

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7. Animals appreciate a great sunset.

People just try and Instagram it.

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8. You still want to hug damp animals.

Damp people should stay away.

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9. Animals don’t mind getting covered in sand.

People just keep bitching about it.

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10. Animals will politely wait outside the door for you.

People won’t give a shit.

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11. Animals are completely adorable when they’re sleeping.

People snore and roll around and are generally crap at sleeping.

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12. Animals are always happy.

People are never as happy as these dogs are right now.

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13. Animals love to hang out on the sofa with you.

People don’t really care.

ID: 3174258

14. Animals are always happy to see you get home.

People are probably off doing something else completely.

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15. Animals find the best ways to say hello.

People just do awkward hugs and it’s weird.

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16. Animals can’t wait to say hello to their family.

People always make it weird.

ID: 3174269

17. Animals can look smug and still be amazing.

Smug people are the worst.

ID: 3174270

18. Animals will help you out as much as they can.

People expect things in return.

ID: 3174294

19. Animals just want you to love them.

People have complicated things like motives and ideas.

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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