31 Problems Every Professional Chef Will Understand

This shit isn’t easy.

1. The customer who incredibly unexpectedly comes in two minutes before closing.

Fine, I guess I have to do their meals. Oh, they want something braised? FUCK OFF.

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2. Seriously. Hearing this at 10:58pm is the absolute worst.

And even when you’re off, you’ll hear it. You’ll hear it in your SLEEP.

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3. Friends making “helpful” suggestions about how to cook food.

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No. I am never going to listen to you.

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4. Running out of this.

Kitchen lifeblood.

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5. Someone trying to call in sick because they “have a headache.”

You’re just hungover, you should be here. I mean, I’m hungover too, but I’m here.

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6. Customers asking for their steak well-done.


Great, I’ll make you some cardboard as a side then, it’ll taste about the same. Oh, and thanks for fucking up my timings too.

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7. Customers sending food back because they didn’t realise what they had actually ordered.

No, it’s not steak with Tartar sauce.

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8. Seeing someone else’s kitchen and discovering IT HAS WINDOWS.

Bastards. I bet they know what daylight is.

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9. Anyone who wants sauce on the side.

This is why you shouldn’t be allowed nice things.

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10. Friends and family complaining that you don’t seem to be around for any important occasions.

Did you think I hadn’t noticed?

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11. Realising you’re never truly out of work mode.

The constant yelling doesn’t go over so well in the rest of the world.

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12. The guy on the line who always wants extra hours…then to leave without cleaning down.

Not surprised you don’t have any money.

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13. The prep crew not doing their job properly.

Things that are not Leeks Julienne - whatever those are.

ID: 3123160

14. Customers who ask for so, so many modifications.

There’s actually a really easy way to get it exactly how you want it. And that is to cook it yourself.

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15. Someone bitching about not getting a break.

HAHAHA. “A break.”

ID: 3124370

16. Eggs Benedict.


Any eggs, actually. And really, any breakfast.

ID: 3123172

17. People not saying ‘behind,’ when moving hot things around.

It can hurt.

ID: 3123124

18. Suppliers calling to have a conversation…right in the middle of service.

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It’s not possible they’ve ever sold anything.

ID: 3123959

19. Anyone, ever, screwing up the walk-in.

Technically, this is a breach of contract that means the offender is allowed to be flayed alive. Technically.

ID: 3123093

20. Anyone using the wrong knife for the wrong thing.

These all have a purpose. And it’s always a different purpose.

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21. The owner making a completely nonsensical decision, and you having to go along with it.

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Cajun-inspired sushi with a Greek twist? Sure, totally awesome idea.

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22. The newbie spilling stuff.

Wastage, extra slippery floors, and time wasted. Awesome.

ID: 3123384

23. Anyone touching your knives.

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25. Friends who complain about the fact they have a job that makes them stand up for four hours a day!

So hard for you.

ID: 3123938

26. Anyone who asks for something gluten-free.

Sure, you might have Coeliac disease. In which case, fine. But you don’t, do you?

ID: 3123878

27. Someone not sharpening their knives properly.

There’s a reason I’m finding it so much easier.

ID: 3123157

28. Getting denied the first beer after shift for some arbitrary reason.

Y’know, and the eight after that.

ID: 3123797

29. This injury.

You know what it’s from.

ID: 3123927

30. That moment when everything suddenly goes wrong at once, and everyone gets screwed for the whole night.

MGM / Via gifbay.com

Might as well write the night off, cause you’re not coming back from this.

ID: 3123366

31. That moment when you’ve done doubles for 17 days in a row with no end in sight and nothing makes sense anymore.

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