24 Lies “Friends” Told You About Adult Life

They really didn’t tell you life was going to be this way.

1. You’ll definitely never have a massive apartment in Manhattan.

Even with rent control.

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2. Moving is never actually this fun.

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3. You won’t ever be as funny as Chandler.

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4. You probably won’t grow into yourself as well as Monica.

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5. You won’t have an amusing neighbour to spy on.

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6. You won’t have a friend as Type-A as Monica.

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7. Or who really gets food like Monica.


Being a chef and all.

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8. Finding someone to play air piano in public is hard.

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9. It’s actually pretty awkward to keep pet birds.

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10. You’ll never have a friend who writes songs as well as Phoebe does.

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11. And you’ll never have a friend who can be honest like Phoebe.

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12. You can’t make chairs really fun.

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13. You won’t actually be able to calm a baby using novelty rap songs.

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14. No one you know will ever have as much knowledge as Ross.

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15. Or be as committed to their friends.

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16. You almost definitely won’t fall in love with your best friend.

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17. You won’t have a friend as adorably bad at sports as Rachel.

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18. No one will give you such good fashion advice as Rachel.

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19. You can’t really do synchronised dances.

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20. No one you know will have as cool a job as Joey.

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21. No one will have flirting skills as good as Joey’s.

ID: 3175903

22. Or his flawless logic.

ID: 3175523

23. Basically, you’ll never be in a group this awesome. But your friends are pretty cool anyway.

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24. You’ll never actually need to pivot.

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