23 Signs You’re The Chandler Of Your Friend Group

You’re awkward and hopeless and desperate for love.

1. You’ll always default to making a joke.

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2. Always.

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3. Absolutely always.

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4. There’s nothing you can’t make a sarcastic comment about.

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5. It gets you out of trouble though.

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6. Fundamentally, you’re not sure you understand people.

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7. Which means your friends…probably don’t come to you for advice.

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8. Skepticism is your natural reaction to the outside world.

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9. But you still have some great ideas for fun.

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10. Weekends are very important to you.

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11. Relaxation is a key skill.

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12. As is staying up to date on the latest technologies.

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13. Repressing your emotions is a very valuable tool that will in no way come back to haunt you.

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14. You sometimes have trouble controlling what you say.

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15. You can always find a way to say something stupid.

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16. But if someone else is doing something stupid, you’ll definitely make them pay…

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17. You might not be the best at relationships.

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18. Because as much as you dream about being well-adjusted, you’re just not.

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19. You really don’t have a huge amount of hope.

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20. You end up just going with whatever you think might have a shot of working.

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However debasing.

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21. At this point, you’re pretty convinced there’s no one out there for you.

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22. And you really, really can’t dance.

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23. Ah, who are we kidding? You’re AMAZING at dancing.

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