29 England Things That Are England-Ing So Hard Right Now

England Everywhere.

1. This fan sleeps England.

ID: 3114582

2. This guy sleeps England as well.

ID: 3114688

3. But this dog is clearly winning at being an England fan.

ID: 3114661

4. Except for this dog.

ID: 3114605


ID: 3114619

6. This guy has got some bitchin’ England sunglasses.

ID: 3114780

7. These lights are doing something pretty cool.

@england World Cup ready #ComeOnEngland

— MattBickley (@_bickley_)
ID: 3114597

8. This office is sort of getting there.

The @England-ization of my office continues. Coming along nicely. Every flag a gust of wind at their backs. #3Lions

— Scott Hendon (@ScottHendon)
ID: 3114606

9. This fan has completely committed.

ID: 3114616

10. This fan really has their swag together.

ID: 3114621

11. This fan is taking some risks to show his support.

Come on @england

— Joe Taylor (@joetaylor97)
ID: 3114602

12. This house has gone for a slightly more minimalist approach.

ID: 3114639

13. These cunning Co-op staff have messed with the display.

@england #3Lions My boss & I did this display in our @CooperativeFood store in #Hayle with the help from @CocaCola.

— ScreamForMeKnebworth (@rugbydropout)
ID: 3114599

14. But they’ve been out-done by this shop.

ID: 3114618

15. This gnome is a pretty huge fan as well.

ID: 3114659

16. This house has got flags bloody everywhere.

My house all ready for the World Cup, come on @england #DoUsProud

— Aidan Peaty (@PeatyBcfc)
ID: 3114583

17. This street even has children looking forward to the World Cup. But they’ll learn..

@england #3Lions

— billy holden-parker (@cfcbilly96)
ID: 3114584

18. This street has beaten their flag game, though.

Everyone is getting behind the boy's come on @england

— Liam Edwards (@EddieisNo1)
ID: 3114589

19. The inside of this house is pretty into it as well.

@england m,y room all decked out , bn ready for this 3weeks now.#cmonengland

— jay leach (@gingerjedijay)
ID: 3114598

20. This living room has some retro memorabilia.

ID: 3114689

21. This keen gardener has gone to TOWN.

What about this for an effort! Wonder if @WayneRooney is a fan? Come on @England

— Gary Stonehouse (@garystonehouse)
ID: 3114604

22. This pub is getting in on it.


— Chelsea Local (@LocalChelsea)
ID: 3114595

23. These England nails are lovely.

ID: 3114660

24. These nails look like the winners, though.

@england C'mon England! #3Lions ⚽

— XSHOT ☆ (@FCBxshot)
ID: 3114603

25. This house has redefined maximum flag density.

@england Lets go England!

— Jack | Jacadinho (@JacadinhoYT)
ID: 3114586

26. Though this house is trying pretty hard as well.


— Brett (@Fairman91)
ID: 3114594

27. This entire block of flats has got flags everywhere.

ID: 3114632

28. And these blinds are actually pretty cool.

ID: 3114663

29. But the winner, obviously, is this guy.

ID: 3116545

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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