16 Charts That Explain Every Problem You Have Trying To Find A Job

Because twenty-something malaise can only be expressed graphically.

1. The brutal cycle of needing a job.

ID: 2834771

2. The reality of trying to find jobs to apply to.

ID: 2834724

3. The key reason you’re not close to actually getting a job.

ID: 2834721

4. The issue with the regular ‘tips’ from friends and family.

ID: 2834785

5. The fallacy of trying to get internships.

ID: 2834790

6. The oh-so-slow reality of actually applying.

ID: 2834736

7. The questionable evolution of your resume.

ID: 2834745

8. The problems of deciding whether to go to an interview.

ID: 2834712

9. The problem of what’s actually in your resume.

ID: 2834817

10. The reality of what you’re going to have to do before you get paid.

ID: 2834815

11. What you actually need to go through to get a response.

ID: 2834809

12. The reality of what you’ll do during your internship.

ID: 2835288

13. The predictable failure of every interview.

ID: 2835439

14. The eventual realisation of where you’re going to live.

ID: 2834765

15. The problem of where your money is actually coming from.

ID: 2834778

16. The problem with every job you get offered.

ID: 2834763

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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