Action Movie Kid Is The Hero We Need Right Now

This kid and his father worked together to turn him into a true action hero. From Action Movie Kid.

1. His agility is second to none.

ID: 2682215

2. Most of the time…

ID: 2682216

3. He can use any weapon. Even if they’re made of lego…

ID: 2682218

4. Or if they’re rocket launchers.

ID: 2682210

5. Except lightsabers. He’s not great with lightsabers.

ID: 2682196

6. Though in a pinch, he can use his hands.

ID: 2682212

7. He can even build his own from scratch.

ID: 2682205

8. But he will only use his powers for good.

ID: 2682265

9. He’s skilled with many things.

ID: 2682193

10. It’s probably because he’s the chosen one.

ID: 2682199

11. And then he left. In a space ship from McDonald’s.

ID: 2682184

12. Goodbye, Action Movie Kid.

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