22 Ways You Actually Feel At 22

I don’t know about you, but I’m fearing 22…

It feels like a perfect day to take shots real soon
And black out by noon, ah ah, ah ah

ID: 1339479

It feels like a shitty day; my life is stinking
So let’s start drinking, instead of thinking!

ID: 1339481

We’re busy, bored, hit on, and ignored at the same time

ID: 1339484

Need 50 bucks, it f*ing sucks, oooh yeeeahh
Tonight’s the night we chase cheap vodka with Sprite
It’s time

ID: 1339486

Uh oh!
I don’t know about you
But I’m stuck at 22

ID: 1339487

Taking out student loans while
I’m paying rent too

ID: 1339490

Need an internship
But what else is new?
So I’ll just watch some chick flicks
On my last hook up’s Netflix

ID: 1339493

22, 22

ID: 1339494

It seems like one of those nights
For a random hook up
You had me at “Hey, sup?” ah ah, ah ah

ID: 1339498

Yup, it is one of those nights
Complete with a booty call
We won’t say much at all
But, hey, at least he’s tall

ID: 1339500

Barely legal, roommate bought a beagle, what the f*ck?
Poops everywhere, oh my god, yuck, oooh yeeeahh

ID: 1339502

Tonight let’s meet where we can park on the street
‘Cuz it’s free

ID: 1339503

Uh oh! (hey!)
I don’t know about you
But life’s weird at 22

ID: 1339505

Applying for three jobs while
You’ve got homework to do

ID: 1339506

You can’t find a boyfriend
But some days you want to

ID: 1339507

So let’s just have a night in
And watch the RHONYs fightin’

ID: 1339513

22, 22

ID: 1339515

It feels like one of those weeks
You’re on a winning streak

ID: 1339522

Or is it one of those weeks
You’re too pissed off to speak?

ID: 1339523

This week is kind of oblique
You’ll get through it though
You’re life’s just in limbo
You’re life’s in limbo

ID: 1339524

Ooooh, ooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah! (hey!)
I don’t know about you
But I’m fearing 22

ID: 1339526

You are feeling so perplexed
You don’t know what to do next

ID: 1339527

You don’t have a boyfriend
In fact, you’ve got a few

ID: 1339528

Let’s go somewhere with dim lighting
And avoid employer sightings

ID: 1339529

22, 22

ID: 1339532

22, 22

ID: 1339530

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