17 Signs You’re The Karen Smith Of Your Friend Group

It’s like you have ESPN or something.

1. Sometimes your friends don’t get your questions.

ID: 1381927

2. But they make complete sense to you.

ID: 1381932

3. And they’re totally logical, if you think about it.

ID: 1381937

4. People don’t always appreciate your really good ideas.

ID: 1381941

5. Or your totally legitimate excuses.

ID: 1384346

6. You might not be the best speller.

ID: 1381952

7. And sports aren’t necessarily your thing either.

ID: 1381955

8. But you’re, like, really pretty.

ID: 1381958

9. Maybe even the prettiest in your friend group.

Also maybe the sluttiest…

ID: 1387801

10. Sometimes you have spacey moments.

ID: 1385088

11. And say spacey things.

ID: 1387805

12. But you have many hidden talents!

ID: 1387812

13. Some are useful…

ID: 1387813

14. Others aren’t.

ID: 1387815

15. But you admit when you’re wrong.

ID: 1387825

16. You’re enthusiastic in all that you do.

ID: 1387826

17. And most of all, you’re a loyal friend.

ID: 1387827

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