Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway?

Her career may be on the rise, but public opinion of Anne Hathaway is at an all-time low. Why all the hate?

1. Her face.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

4. She looks stupid.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

6. She ruined “The Dark Knight Rises.”

9. She ruined “Love and Other Drugs.”

12. She ruined “Ella Enchanted.”

14. She ruins everything.

16. She’s untalented.

18. She thinks she’s cool when she’s really boring.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

21. She’s worse than Vanessa Hudgens, who is terrible.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

23. It’s complicated.

27. Maybe she’s too perfect.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

29. She can’t compare to the greats.

32. She brings people together in their hatred.

John Shearer / Getty Images

35. But more often than not, there’s no real reason.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

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