Where Are They Now: The Class Of “Sister Act 2”

When it comes to the troubled teenagers at St. Francis School, some became big stars. Others, not so much.

1. Lauryn Hill (Rita)

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2. Now:

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Five years after Sister Act 2, Lauryn Hill released her first solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It sold 19 million copies and earned her five Grammys. She continues to perform at festivals including Coachella.

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3. Alanna Ubach (Maria)

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4. Now:

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Alanna Ubach has continued to act, with roles in Meet the Fockers and Legally Blonde. She has also had a successful career as a voice actor, most recently playing four characters in Rango.

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5. Ryan Toby (Ahmal)

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6. Now:

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In 1999, Ryan Toby joined the trio City High. Their self-titled 2001 debut included the single “What Would You Do,” which earned a Grammy nomination. Toby married fellow group member Claudette Ortiz, but they later divorced.

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7. Ron Johnson (Sketch)

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8. Now:

Ron Johnson (yep, spelled wrong above) had serious legal troubles after Sister Act 2, when he was accused of raping a teenager on the set. Since being acquitted, he hasn’t worked much, but he’s now a youth mentor.

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9. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Margaret)

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10. Now:

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Credited then as Jennifer “Love” Hewitt, Hewitt dropped the quotation marks and went on to star in Party of Five, the I Know What You Did Last Summer series, and The Ghost Whisperer. She can currently be seen on Lifetime’s The Client List.

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11. Devin Kamin (Frankie)

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12. Now:

Devin Kamin is a bit of a mystery. According to IMDb, he’s had a few roles — most recently a bit part in 2008’s Impact Point — but nothing substantial.

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13. Christian Fitzharris

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14. Now:

Christian Fitzharris is a clown. Seriously, he co-created the two clown acts and the storyline for Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza. He continues to teach, perform, and create.

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15. Tanya Blount (Tanya)

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16. Now:

Tanya Blount already had a record deal when she signed on to Sister Act 2, and she has kept performing. She had music featured in Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys, and in 2008 she released an album with her brother as the duo Blount 2 Blount.

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