The 11 Most Memorable Fictional Mail Carriers

The U.S. Postal Service is suspending Saturday mail delivery: here are 11 tireless workers who are losing a day of work.

11. Manic Mailman (“The Simpsons”)


Little is known about the Itchy & Scratchy character Manic Mailman, aside from the fact that he’s a rip-off of the USPS’s Mr. Zip. Still holding out hope for a spin-off!

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10. Agent K (“Men in Black II”)

Columbia Pictures

Even retired Men in Black agents need day jobs. For Agent K, that meant donning a postal worker outfit and delivering letters. Thankfully, he’s back to protecting Earth from intergalactic invaders.

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9. Mr. Wilson (“Dennis the Menace”)

Don’t worry too much about Mr. Wilson — he’s already retired. At this point, all he really has to worry about is Dennis sending him to an early grave. Kids, amirite?

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8. The Postman (“The Postman”)

Warner Bros.

The titular Postman isn’t really out of work, since he lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland already. Fun fact: The Postman takes place in 2013. Was this 1997 movie predicting the end of Saturday service?

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7. Herman Post (“Garfield”)

Poor Herman Post: fated into his profession by a surname he didn’t choose, and then forced to contend with Garfield, the absolute worst cat any mail carrier has ever encountered.

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6. Reba the Mail Lady (“Pee-wee’s Playhouse”)

Finally, a female mail carrier. (There’s a reason we don’t just call them postmen, OK?) Reba delivered mail to perpetual manchild Pee-wee, then became a lieutenant with the NYPD. Chung-chung.

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5. Mario Ruoppolo (“Il Postino”)

Miramax Films

Mario won’t miss Saturday service: he’s Italian, his only customer is Pablo Neruda, and he lives in the ’50s. Nevertheless, he’s a noble mail carrier and belongs on this list — and in our hearts.

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4. Willie Lumpkin (“The Fantastic Four”)


Willie Lumpkin began life as a simple comic strip mailman, but he was thrust into the world of comic book adventure when he began bringing letters to the Fantastic Four. Those guys get a ton of fan mail.

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3. Carol (“Paris, je t’aime”)

Arguably the saddest mail carrier on this list: Carol’s vignette in Paris, je t’aime is the film’s high point. Watch it online and prepare to have your heart broken.

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2. Newman (“Seinfeld”)


What a poor reflection on the mail carrier profession. Despite taking pride in his work, Newman is terrible at his job, even withholding mail for his own nefarious schemes. Shame.

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1. Cliff Clavin (“Cheers”)


Cliff isn’t just a postal worker: he’s also a Jeopardy! contestant and a Cheers regular. Do all mail carriers spend this much time in bars? Ah, well — when it comes to fictional mailmen, he’s everyone’s favorite example.

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