The 33 Worst Things That Could Happen On Valentine’s Day


1. You could not just get crabs… you could get ALL of the crabs.

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2. You could find out the person you’re dating is in fact a monster.

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3. The custom cake you ordered for your sweetie could come back like this:

ID: 2411030

4. Or worse, someone could give you this cake:

ID: 2411033

5. Your groceries could suddenly get romantic.

ID: 2411060

6. Or this could be your significant other’s idea of a romantic meal:

ID: 2411095

7. You could get this e-card.

ID: 2411006

8. You could be forced to watch this movie.

ID: 2411067

9. This is the single most depressing thing of all time.

ID: 2411106

10. Your canceled plans might not actually be for a “good” reason.

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11. Your mom could also be trolling Facebook on V-Day.

ID: 2411126

12. You could get the V-Day present Dick picked out.

ID: 2411133

13. You could open a box of chocolates only to find your S.O. decided to make sure they weren’t poisoned.

ID: 2411154

14. All of this equals complete misery.

ID: 2411175

15. Someone could try to cheer you up about being single with this atrocity.

ID: 2411180

16. You could be reminded of your S.O.’s imminent death.

ID: 2411255

17. Someone could think this was a great V-Day gift.

ID: 2411189

18. Your secret admirer could turn out to be someone else’s.

ID: 2411199

19. Your Valentine could turn out to be a psycho.

ID: 2411217

20. You could be dating this Shakespeare.

*Actually, call me. I love this.

ID: 2411239

21. You could take a huge risk…and fall flat on your face.

ID: 2411241

22. You could be your own valentine.

ID: 2411245

23. You could be the fine bitch who is the recipient of this gift.

ID: 2411253

24. You could spend a gagillion hours on hold with 1-800-Flowers…

ID: 2411265

25. And find your efforts didn’t pay off in the slightest.

ID: 2411342

26. You could eat at the fine dining establishment this sick individual works at.

ID: 2411315

27. You could be this cat standing in as a poor replacement for true love.

ID: 2411339

28. You could have diarrhea.

ID: 2411380

29. You could see this.

ID: 2411411

30. Your manfriend could take the suggestion of sexy underwear to a strange place. (Do they come off before sex?)

ID: 2411463

31. You could be lacking in basic necessities with zero recourse.

ID: 2411509

32. You could get a not-so-subtle message to clean the house.

ID: 2411645

33. Your Valentine this year could be your new venereal disease!


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