18 Undeniable Ways You Know You’re Becoming A Grown-Up

Whether you like it or not, Urban Outfitters makes you feel old. In a good way.

1. Instead of being jealous of your best friend’s new shoes, you’re insanely jealous of her new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

ID: 1572524

2. You’re obsessed with LearnVest. Only 22 more months until you pay off your credit card debt!

For those of you who don’t know, LearnVest is a wondrous money management tool for ladies.

ID: 1572538

3. You NEVER date younger. Nope. Not ever.

ID: 1590622

4. You’re obsessed with owning a house and spend your spare time looking at real estate porn.

ID: 1590655

5. You understand that it’s just a dick move to show up empty-handed to a party. BFFs, colleagues, new acquaintances — they all get a goddamned bottle of wine.

ID: 1590699

6. Oh, and you’ve also stopped buying two-buck chuck.

ID: 1590688

7. You are sooOOOOoooOOOOO not into being called a Millennial anymore.

ID: 1590744

8. When you go to Sephora, you spend wayyyy too much of your time and paycheck in the skincare section.

ID: 1590745

Whereas you used to be all, ZOMG COLORSSS.

ID: 1590749

9. On your list of Topics I Frequently Bitch About: Your insane dry cleaning bills.

Because you’re keeping your work wardrobe fresh and clean.

ID: 1590840


ID: 1590847

11. You’ve bit the bullet and joined the fancy gym.

ID: 1590864

12. Your wedding daydreams aren’t so much fun anymore…now that you’ve realized that wedding=$$$$=debt?!

ID: 1590917

13. You’ve become more aggressive about asking for promotions at work.

ID: 1590922

14. You actually make an effort to keep your place clean. Or, if you’re really fancy, you even have a cleaning lady. Dayummm.

ID: 1590939

15. Your experience shopping at Urban Outfitters has totally changed. You used to come here, like, once a week.

ID: 1590985

16. The pride you take in knowing that you haven’t asked your parents for money in years: priceless.

ID: 1590998

17. You no longer use Facebook to overshare — you use it to make you seem smart and cultured.

ID: 1591023

18. You’re all about showing off your culinary skills at dinner parties. You’re not Julia Child, you’re Julia Adult.

ID: 1591005

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