18 Things Only Homebodies Will Understand

TV. Takeout. Cat.

1. You know your reasons for loving to stay in may sound lame, but this is your idea of heaven:

There is literally nothing else you could tempt me with.

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2. Home isn’t just a place where you veg out. You have a multitude of productive at-home activities, thank you very much.

The CW / Via tumblr.com

While you were out drinking, I created some very intricate nail art, made a DIY spice rack, organized my sock drawer, and had time to make gourmet mac ‘n cheese.

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3. However, vegging out at home is THE BEST. This is you two seconds after you walk in the door Friday evening.

What up, couch?

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4. Just the thought of having to get dressed up to go out is exhausting.

Like, just no.

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5. When your friends have managed to drag you out, it’s often way less fun than being at home. WAY. LESS. FUN.

20th Century Fox / Via tumblr.com


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6. And when you’re out, you often begin daydreaming about being back home.

Home sweet motherfucking home…

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7. When you hear about how “crazy” your friends’ Saturday was and how they were out all night, all you can think is, Well, good for you.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

No, really, glad you had a good time. So did I. Sitting right here.

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8. As for travel, you take vacation time for staycations.

Welcome to paradise. Cost: Nothing.

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9. And even when you do travel, you usually reach a point where you’re done.

Sky1 / Via tumblr.com

Maybe I’d enjoy this more if I’d spent more time at home first.

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10. You’ve been known to not leave the house for days at a time.

Bravo / Via i.imgur.com

And what of it???

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11. And your local delivery person knows who you are. (And possibly goes the extra mile because you’re such a good customer.)


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12. When your friends and family don’t understand why you stayed in all weekend, you have to offer explanations they can understand:

Summit / Via tumblr.com

No, really. I. Don’t. Mind.

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13. And when people give you shit for being a shut-in, you’ll passionately defend your reasons.

Warner Bros. / Via tumblr.com


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14. You sometimes make plans based on how far away from home they are.

Leonora Epstein/BuzzFEed

Party destinations are commutes, too.

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15. You seriously don’t see the point of going out to the movies when you have a perfectly good TV at home. Where you don’t have to sit in a room with annoying strangers.

Unless it’s The Hunger Games, I can wait until it’s on iTunes.

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16. If you have bitchy resting face, home is a place of relief, where you can let your bitchface bitch.


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17. Maybe your home is the only place you can let your inner freak out. So of course it’s where you always want to be.

Universal / Via i.imgur.com

“Yeah, sorry I can’t make it to your thing. I’ve got a ton to do at home … like DANCE.”

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18. And that is something truly magical.

Metro Goldwyn Meyer / Via pandawhale.com

Tru dat, Dot.

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