The 14 Most Terrifying Things That Can Happen To You In An M.C. Hammer Music Video

Hammertime is actually the scariest time.

1. You may be peer pressured into exploring a creepy house in a lightning storm and it is a scientific fact that no good can come of this.

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2. You and your friends may be sucked into a portal which transports you to either a 1930s Jazz Era club…or a ’90s club trying to look like the 1930s. Which one is it?!

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3. You may become target practice for Wednesday Addams.

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4. Your identity may be stolen.

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5. You may be forced to wear incredibly tight clothing.

ID: 1504878

6. Alternately, you may be forced to wear impossibly large pants.

ID: 1504877

7. Even worse, you might be forced to wear the same impossibly large pants that all your friends are also wearing. That’s not embarrassing.

ID: 1504883

8. You might meet the devil.

ID: 1504863

9. You might find yourself with your head in a guillotine.

ID: 1504868

10. Worse yet, you might survive the guillotine and be known as the guy with no body. (They’ll probably make you do a body-less fashion segment on The Today Show.)

ID: 1504866

11. You might be chased by a demon in a diaper.

ID: 1504864

12. You might literally be what’s for dinner.

ID: 1504867

13. You might be the only person without an amazing Halloween costume.

ID: 1504865

14. You may be prohibited from touching something. Which, while not necessarily terrifying, is certainly a nuisance if you are barred from touching the thing you really want to touch.

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