24 Rather Unfortunate Ikea Product Names

I’m sure DOMBÅS is Swedish for “really nice guy.”

1. Blasphemy.

ID: 2822562

2. A shower curtain…of all things.

ID: 2822483

3. Finally, they say how everyone feels when trying to assemble an Ikea wardrobe.

ID: 2822580

4. Mean Girls goes to Ikea.

ID: 2822590

5. What happens when someone urinates on your stuff and you can’t get the smell out.

ID: 2822820

6. C’mon.

ID: 2822574

7. 2 Legitim to Cut.

ID: 2822567

8. I’d never once thought of my cookware as sexy, but now I’m having very weird thoughts.

ID: 2822825

9. Well, this is what wine does to me.

ID: 2822828

10. One letter away from “God moron.”

ID: 2822853

11. This was a real thing.

ID: 2823011

12. Funny if you are 12.

ID: 2823023

13. Da Farty G Show.

ID: 2823084

14. You’re a real asshole, you know that, blue microwave lid?

ID: 2823309

15. And you, desk, are a real meanie, too.

ID: 2823108

16. But you, lamp, on the other hand….I feel very good about you.

ID: 2823142

17. This would be highly offensive if you lived on the Battlestar Galactica.

ID: 2822810

18. Kokosnot: A very bizarre bodily fluid?

ID: 2823169

19. Another word for your ex-boyfriend.

ID: 2823178

20. Guess we’re back in the ’90s now. NOT!

ID: 2823223

21. Bum hangers. Heheheheheh.

ID: 2823228

22. ….but from what?

ID: 2823259

23. Maybe it’s because this is a product for children. And children are usually the source of all blame.

ID: 2823301

24. If you’re going to do this, you might as well just name this quilt BADASS. That’d be cool, actually.

ID: 2823325

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