The 18 Most Over-The-Top Marriage Proposals Of 2013

For better or for worse…

1. The Home Depot Proposal

Key elements: A group of dancers performing choreography to catchy pop music, a Home Depot aisle.
Cry point: 4:05.

ID: 2115298

2. The Wakeboarding Proposal

Key element: A couple riding a tandem wakeboard.
Aww factor: Two moments of awesomeness. First, the proposal. Then you get to see him give the ring once they’re back on the boat. (Full video here.)

ID: 2119904

3. The World’s Most Complicated Proposal Involving Approximately 1 Million Different Video Elements

Key elements: An NSYNC parody; a flash mob; an Abba parody; a fake trailer for a fake action movie; like, 90 other things that happen; and a girlfriend watching it all on video.
Cry point: 21:20 when the girl’s mother comes out and then 22:15 when the guy shows video of himself asking her dead dad’s tombstone if he can marry her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. (Full video here.)

ID: 2115394

4. The Kim and Kanye Proposal

Key elements: A baseball field, a full orchestra, and an entourage.
Cry point: A minute in…I mean, kinda?

ID: 2115415

5. The Pug Proposal

Taryn Berman / Caters News Agency

Key elements: 16 pugs, heart-shaped balloons, Central Park.
Aww factor: This proposal was made possible by the pug meet-up group of New York. Complete strangers pitching in for love! (Read more here.)

ID: 2115546

6. The Drone Proposal


Key elements: The view of the Full House house in San Francisco, a drone.
Aww factor: She’s also pregnant! (Full video here.)

ID: 2120378

7. The Rap Battle Proposal

Key elements: A rapping girl, a rapping guy with a British accent, an audience.
Cry point: 2:19.

ID: 2115559

8. The Pinterest Proposal

Key elements: A girl’s wedding Pinterest board, a guy who is aware of said Pinterest board, and a surprise wedding.
Aww factor: Girl gets her dream wedding without having to lift a finger, gets proposed to and married in the same day. (For more, check out this half-hour video.)

ID: 2115568

9. The Public Disturbance Proposal

Key elements: A Seattle lady, her girlfriend standing on top of a bus, a brass band.
Cry point: 2:01.

ID: 2120021

10. The Horror Movie Trailer Proposal

Video available at:

Key elements: A Polish girl out with her girlfriends, a movie theater, a scary fake movie trailer, and an appearance by Polish girl’s soon-to-be-fiancé.
Cry point: 3:20…but it’s in Polish.

ID: 2119457

11. The Angry Birds Proposal

Key elements: A guy obsessed with Angry Birds, an extremely nice girlfriend who tolerates her boyfriend’s obsession with Angry Birds.
Aww factor: Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, helped create and arrange the whole thing. (Full video here.)

ID: 2120261

12. The Night of Almost Proposing Proposal

Key elements: A girl who found out her man was going to propose (sneaky!), and a cleverer guy with a string of perfect moments.
Cry point: 4:49. When the guy FINALLY asks her. Yay!

ID: 2119608

13. The Zach Braff Proposal

Key elements: Zach Braff, babies, animals, people with signs, people with signs in foreign countries.
Cry point: Won’t make you cry, but 4:22 — when Zach Braff quotes the great Beyoncé — is clearly the best part. (Full video here.)

ID: 2119780

14. The Original Children’s Book Proposal

Key elements: A library, a completely original book illustrating and narrating the couple’s relationship.
Aww factor: The main characters in the book are a giraffe and a gorilla. And the whole story rhymes! (Read the full story here.)

ID: 2120462

15. The Black Lab Proposal

Key elements: Two Aussies, an adorable black lab, the delivery of a package.
Cry point: 0:57 — the look of utter surprise on her face.

ID: 2119928

16. The Peter Pan Proposal

Key elements: A girl obsessed with Peter Pan, her boyfriend in a Peter Pan costume, a ship.
Aww factor: She’s Wendy! Childhood dream come true! (Full video here.)

ID: 2119941

17. The On-Air Anchor Proposal

Key elements: Live TV, a teleprompter prank.
Cry point: A good long one starting at 0:20.

ID: 2119962

18. The Harry Potter Proposal

Video available at:

Key elements: A Harry Potter superfan, a themed scavenger hunt, and a boyfriend waiting with a ring in a treasure chest.
Cry point: 6:39. But the whole thing is amazing. Watch it. Learn from it.

ID: 2115363

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