How In Shape Are You?

Many strength. Such strong.

  1. Check off all that apply...
    1. 1 I can run a mile without stopping or getting winded.
    2. 2 I can run 5 miles with ease.
    3. 3 I walk for at least 20 minutes day.
    4. 4 I walk for at least one hour a day.
    5. 5 I walk for more than one hour a day.
    6. 6 I often choose to walk over driving/public transportation.
    7. 7 I often choose to bike over driving/public transportation.
    8. 8 I can do 10 push-ups.
    9. 9 I can do 20 push-ups.
    10. 10 I can do like a million push-ups.
    11. 11 I take the stairs whenever possible.
    12. 12 I always take the stairs.
    13. 13 I can easily climb three flights of stairs quickly.
    14. 14 People often ask me to open jars for them. Because of my strength.
    15. 15 I get some type of physical activity everyday.
    16. 16 I work out everyday.
    17. 17 On days I don’t work out, I’ll still walk or get some activity.
    18. 18 I could hold a plank for one minute.
    19. 19 I could hold a plank for more than one minute.
    20. 20 I use a standing desk at work.
    21. 21 I’m on my feet all day.
    22. 22 I never have to stop because my knees hurt.
    23. 23 I can lift weights without getting sore.
    24. 24 I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I eat a day.
    25. 25 I eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
    26. 26 I eat plenty of fiber.
    27. 27 I always drink 8 glasses of water a day.
    28. 28 I never eat fast food.
    29. 29 I always avoid trans fats.
    30. 30 My pants always fit.
    31. 31 I have never split the seam on an article of clothing.
    32. 32 I never have to loosen my belt.
    33. 33 When I’m eating, I never feel the urge to undo my pants.
    34. 34 I never worry about my clothes being too small when I get them out of the dryer.
    35. 35 I can touch my toes.
    36. 36 After doing something that gets my heart rate up, I can recover in a couple of minutes.
    37. 37 I can do 20 squats with ease.
    38. 38 I can do 40 squats no prob.
    39. 39 When I run at a moderate pace, I could carry on a conversation with a jogging partner.
    40. 40 I can balance on one foot.
    41. 41 I can keep up with small children.
    42. 42 When I flex, I have some muscle definition.
    43. 43 When I flex, I have mad muscle definition.
    44. 44 I can swim for longer than 10 minutes without getting tired.
    45. 45 I can swim for longer than a half hour without getting tired.
    46. 46 I can complete a half marathon.
    47. 47 I can complete a marathon.
    48. 48 I can change up my workout without getting sore.
    49. 49 You can do Crossfit without batting an eyelash.
    50. 50 I can do 5 pull-ups, no prob.
    51. 51 I can do 10 pull-ups, no prob.
    52. 52 I can do A LOT OF PULL-UPS.
    53. 53 I can lift 50 lbs. no prob.
    54. 54 I FEEL fit.

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