19 Hidden Gems In "Clueless" You Missed

Some of these teeny, tiny details will change how you see the movie.

1. Lucy, the maid terrified of Cher’s dad, is hiding from him during this whole scene.

2. These famous outfits… did you ever notice they were covered in jumbo safety pins?

3. Travis is an onlooker in the crowd during this confrontation with Murray.

4. During the debate, Cher and Amber are wearing the same white shirt.

You can tell from the dainty scalloped edge that these are both Petite Bateau tops. (It also looks like Dionne might be wearing one with her plaid ensemble as well.)

5. During Cher’s speech, we quickly see Elton’s moment of realization that his Cranberries CD is missing.

6. In this shot, Amber — Cher’s supposed enemy — walks out of the cafeteria and sits at Cher’s table.

7. This letter is addressed to Melvin Hamilton, not Mel Horowitz. Oops.

The last name was originally written as Hamilton, but was later changed.

8. Cher’s report card up close!

ENG. COMP.: Excellent composition and vocabulary.
DEBATE: Unprepared, undisciplined.
BIO. I: Wouldn’t dissect a frog.
WORLD HIST.: Must try harder to pay attention to current events.
GEOM: Nice shapes.

9. Even Amber applauds Cher’s efforts in this scene. (Maybe they’re better friends than they let on?)

10. Ever notice how Cher’s gym class is single sex? Aren’t most gym classes co-ed?

11. Cher has a fireplace in her bathroom.

12. Is the card used during suck-and-blow…some type of REI card?

13. Nose jobs everywhere! Not just at school…that dude in the background just had a nose job.

14. There are Naya water bottles EVERYWHERE. Seriously. In almost every scene.


15. Murray’s license plate says MY JOINT.

16. Two girls in exactly the same outfit can be seen applauding Christian’s valiant efforts to save Tai.

17. During Cher’s contemplative walk, she goes shopping at Christian Dior.

Remember when she walks by a store window, sees an outfit, and says, “I wonder if they have that in my size?”

18. During Ms. Geist’s appeal to her class, Elton can be seen flossing his teeth.


19. That’s Christian in an electric blue tuxedo at Ms. Geist and Mr. Hall’s wedding.

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