33 "Clueless" References You Missed As A Kid

These jokes and references probably once went over your head.

1. Cher thinks her life must look like a Noxzema commercial…

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This is what a Noxzema commercial of the mid-’90s looked like.

ID: 2273615

2. When Cher says her Jeep is “loqued out,” she means it’s fresh/fly/cool…

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3. The “great singers of the past” (meaning the ’70s) she’s is talking about are (Cher, obvi) and Dionne Warwick.

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Dionne Warwick did infomercials for Psychic Friends Network, while Cher did Lori Davis hair products.

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4. “That Ike and Tina Turner movie” Cher thinks her friends have seen too many times…

ID: 2274032

Is What’s Love Got to Do With It, a 1993 biopic about Tina Turner’s life.

ID: 2274057

5. Jeepin’ or “vehicular sex” is, you know, hooking up in a car.

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6. It’s not “outie,” it’s “audi.” As in the car brand, Audi.

ID: 2274096

7. In this scene, Alicia Silverstone actually mispronounced “Haitians” on her own. Director Amy Heckerling thought the mistake was so good, she kept it in.

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8. This means, according to Cher, that the Haitians should feel free to just show up in America.

ID: 2274131

9. “Maudlin music” is Radiohead.

ID: 2274157

10. The Galleria is a mall in the San Fernando Valley.

ID: 2274175

11. When Cher calls Josh “Kato”…

ID: 2274204

She’s referring to Kato Kaelin, the lame guy/witness in the OJ Simpson case who was living in Simpson’s guesthouse. Generally thought of as a freeloader.

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ID: 2274231

12. Contempo Casual was a mall chain store.

ID: 2274262

It is in fact called Contempo CasualS. With an s. Plural.

ID: 2274499

13. Cher is implying that all female gym teachers are lesbians. Miss Stoeger is a lesbian. Maybe.

ID: 2274569

14. Cher’s “secret admirer” note is a quote she thinks comes from Cliff’s Notes. It is one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets, which begins, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

ID: 2275831

15. “The Crimson Wave” is a bunch of girls on their periods.

ID: 2274626

16. TreePeople is an environmental non-profit organization.

ID: 2274632

17. When Dee says Josh is going through his “post-adolescent idealistic phase”…

ID: 2274658

She means to say that Josh is acting like a know-it-all.

ID: 2274662

18. “Barneys” and “Bettys” are a reference to the Flintstones characters, a Betty being a babe, and a Barney being a lame guy.

ID: 2275924

19. When Dee says Tai is “toe-up,” it means she’s “ugly from toe to head.”

ID: 2274719

20. A “Baldwin,” Clueless slang for a hot guy, refers to the Baldwin Brothers.

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21. An “herbal refreshment” is marijuana. And Tai’s astonishment at coke has nothing to do with Coca-Cola.

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22. The book she’s talking about is A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens.

ID: 2274999

23. This is a reference to David Lynch’s ’90s TV show about a young girl’s murder — the world of the show is eerie, weird, and surreal.

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24. When Cher corrects Josh’s annoying girlfriend, who thinks Hamlet said, “To thine own self be true”…

ID: 2275787

It’s because she saw this 1990 adaptation.

ID: 2275793

25. Remember when Cher makes this comparison?

ID: 2275069

This is a Pauly Shore movie. It does not have meaning.

ID: 2275060

26. This book is a hint that Christian is gay.

ID: 2275097

27. Mel says this to Christian because, well, he dresses just like the members of the Rat Pack did.

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ID: 2275901

28. Billie Holiday is a woman.

ID: 2275158

29. Josh calls Christian the “ring-a-ding kid,” which references a Sinatra song.

ID: 2275166

30. The movie Christian brings over — Spartacus — is another hint that Christian is gay. That movie is filled with homoeroticism.

ID: 2275875

31. When Cher says this, you may not have known what Fred Segal was.

ID: 2275296

This is Fred Segal. It is a store in Los Angeles where celebrities like to shop.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 2275318

32. This moment is inspired by the 1958 film, Gigi.

ID: 2276018

33. This is a bong. And a bong is what you smoke marijuana out of.

ID: 2275409

And as a bonus, here’s this moment you never noticed. Here’s Lucy the maid, who is terrified of Mel, hiding behind a door.

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