39 Reasons YM Was The Best Teen Magazine

It’s been nearly 10 years since YM was prematurely ripped from our glitter-polished hands. Which means we’ve had NO idea what guys have been thinking for the past decade.

1. Maffleck was willingly telling American teens about their “grossest habits.”

ID: 1123859

2. Pink had this memo to Britney: “Watch your back.”

ID: 1123658

3. Britney probably didn’t care.

ID: 1123674

4. YM hung out with NSYNC.

ID: 1123653

5. Amanda Bynes was still normal.

ID: 1123840

6. They featured teen heartthrobs you’ve totally forgotten about. Like Eddie Furlong?

ID: 1123646

7. Lindsay Lohan told YM about how she couldn’t get guys…and that was a surprise at the time.

ID: 1123647

8. Prom horror stories? Um, yes.

ID: 1123649

9. Cher Horowitz plus extras of those gross “true” embarrassing moments.

ID: 1123650

10. YM totally buries the lede here with a pic of Christian Slater…check out that headline at the top: “Tom Cruise lets you read his diary.” WUT.

ID: 1123655

11. Remember when you were obsessed with the Olsens?

ID: 1123645

12. A *free* Hanson poster!

ID: 1123656

13. YM also warned you about the lies guys would tell you to get into your pants. Like “I love you.” Losers.

ID: 1123668

14. Free tarot cards! Free, free, free! You love free things.

ID: 1123669

15. Kelly Kapowski was still relevant.

ID: 1123679

16. Joey! And he’s actually…kind of…hot…

ID: 1123681

17. Madonna played “20 Questions” with YM…and actually gave up some hilariously direct answers.

ID: 1123728

18. Johnny Depp swoooooooon.

ID: 1123718

19. Mariah was all “move over, Madonna.”

ID: 1123725

20. But Madonna was all, “Ima be on the cover of this magazine a million more times than you.”

ID: 1123707

21. OMG, what’s drewsmiles.com?

ID: 1123736

22. More “guy truths and lies”? YES. We are finally getting to the bottom of this thing.

ID: 1123740

23. YM catered to Gwenabees.

ID: 1123749

24. Katie Holmes’ middle part.

ID: 1123765

25. YM told you everything you wanted to know about the Dawson’s Creek cast.

ID: 1123773

26. You totally copied Drew’s haircut from this cover, published during her Luke era.

ID: 1123793

27. BSB FTW.

ID: 1123799

28. Whoa to the coverline: “I slept with my stepbrother.” That’s so messed up! You have to read it!

ID: 1123802

29. Once, YM pulled Marky Mark’s pants down.

ID: 1123810

30. YM presented Christina when she looked like this…

ID: 1123813

31. …and when she turned into this.

ID: 1123822

32. Usher talked about his six-pack plus jeans! jeans! jeans!

ID: 1123833

33. The beauty issue.

ID: 1123847

34. The summer music issue.

ID: 1123856

35. Hahaha Paris Hilton.

ID: 1123862

36. When Leo was on the cover, you definitely didn’t practice kissing on it.

ID: 1123883

37. Monica uncensored! You were digging her over Brandy at this point.

ID: 1123888

38. And remember when 98 Degrees lied about not wanting sex?

ID: 1123892

39. Gavin Rossdale dished about sex, dogs, and rock ‘n roll? Get it? Dogs?

ID: 1123898

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