14 Pics Of Disneyland From The ’50s And ’60s

Vintage snaps of the Happiest Place on Earth — some while it was still under construction.

1. Aerial view of Disneyland before construction, 1954

The park opened a year after construction.

ID: 850091

2. Jungle Cruise, 1954

The original Jungle Cruise, almost finished with construction.

ID: 850101

3. Main Street, U.S.A., still under construction.

The idea for this idyllic entrance was inspired by Disney’s Missouri hometown and he kept a personal apartment in firehouse.

ID: 850221

4. Adventureland under construction, 1954

You can see the Main Street-style facade on the other side of the building, maximizing space.

ID: 850096

5. Frontierland, 1955

Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 850060

6. The park entrance (date unknown)

ID: 850186

7. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, 1955

Thanks to a technique in which building elements are larger at the bottom and smaller at the top, Sleeping Beauty’s castle was built to appear much taller than its 77-foot stature.

Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 850068

8. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 850065

9. Skyway ride in 1960

ID: 850183

10. Disneyland monorail, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 850062

11. Senator Edward M. Kennedy at the Matterhorn ride, 1960

Keystone / Getty Images
ID: 850076

12. Tomorrowland, 1967

This was right after Tomorrowland’s $23 million upgrade.

Orange County Register Archives / Via disneybymark.com
ID: 850247

13. The Matterhorn in 1968

With some very mod and stylish tourists.

ID: 850193

14. Monsanto House of the Future

This futuristic house (the future being 1986) became a part of Tomorrowland in 1957 and was removed in 1967.

ID: 850278

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