17 Of The Worst Things Your Roommate Could Do

Not replace the toilet paper.

1. Put a practically empty carton of milk or juice BACK IN THE FRIDGE.


F*ck you.

ID: 2933344

2. Not replace the toilet paper, or put the roll on top like this.


ID: 2933342

3. Leave dirty dishes all over the house.

Columbia Pictures / Via fyeahgis.tumblr.com

It’s cool if you like being messy, but you don’t live alone.

ID: 2933345

4. Eat your food.

Paramount Pictures / Via funnyjunk.com

Did you pay for that?

ID: 2933346

5. Forget to turn the lights off when they leave.

You wanna pay 75% of the electric bill?

ID: 2933347

6. Have sex loudly.

I curse the day you were born.

ID: 2933348

7. Cook smelly food.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via s963.photobucket.com

Three cans of Febreze and I can still smell it.

ID: 2933350

8. Artistically place trash in the trashcan instead of just taking out the trash.

NBC / Via glee.wikia.com

Just walk outside. Please.

ID: 2933351

9. Leave passive-aggressive notes.

Just talk to me.

ID: 2933353

10. Spill things and “forget” to wipe it up.

Why are my feet sticking to the floor?

ID: 2933354

11. Leave clothes in the washer/dryer for days at a time.

Here, I folded your clothes for you…again.

ID: 2933372

12. Mess with the thermostat.

If you’re cold, put on a freaking sweatshirt.

ID: 2933356

13. Leave shoes all over the house.

I almost died last night while tripping over your shoes.

ID: 2933358

14. Have food explode in the microwave and not bother to clean it up.

Yeah, no, it’s fine…

ID: 2933359

15. Take an incredibly long shower.

Netflix / Via elitedaily.com

What are you DOING in there?!

ID: 2933377

16. Leave hair all over the sink or in the shower drain.


ID: 2933376

17. Not flush the toilet.

Oh hell no. I will never like someone that much.

ID: 2933369

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