18 Struggles Every Youngest Sibling Knows To Be True

First is the worst, last is the best.

1. You’re still referred to as the baby of the family, even when you’re well past baby stage.

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2. And people are usually pretty shocked to find out that you aren’t 8 years old anymore.

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3. You were always conned into being the toy.

Whether that was the toy baby doll in a stroller or the target for foam darts.

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4. And you were always compared to your older sibling(s).


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5. You learned early on that you had to be careful who you trusted.

I ~swear~ I won’t tell mom.

** Tells mom. **

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6. Some of your best memories were from when your older sibling(s) were left in charge.


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7. Most of your teachers judged you based upon your sibling(s).

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8. You were always accused of being the favorite.

Probably because, DUH, you are.

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9. You were great at entertaining yourself and standing out because, well, you had to be.

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10. You were often accused of being a tattle tale.

When really, you were just trying to SURVIVE.

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11. People always had high expectations of you because you were supposed to learn from your sibling(s)’ mistakes.


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12. You can’t even begin to count how many times you’ve heard the line, “When you’re older…”

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13. In some aspects, you were super overprotected because you were the BABY.

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14. But in other ways, your parents were tired and cared less and less each day. You could basically get away with murder.

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15. You overused the excuse that you “didn’t know any better.”

And sometimes still try to use it.

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16. You didn’t mind when your sibling(s) picked a fight with you, because they would get in trouble for picking on you.


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17. You vowed to never forgive your older sibling(s) for ruining things like SANTA and the EASTER BUNNY.

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18. You may have been picked on a lot, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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