21 Stereotypes Midwesterners Are Tired Of Hearing

We love to spend our free time cow tipping.

1. The Midwest is just corn fields.

I mean, have you ever heard of Chicago? Indianapolis? Minneapolis? Columbus?

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2. The Midwest is BORING.

If you think the Midwest is boring, you’re probably the one who’s boring. Sorry.

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3. No one in the Midwest has dreams, they’re content to stay in their small towns forever.

I grew up in a town of 500 people and I’m damn proud of it, but that doesn’t mean for a second that I didn’t have dreams.

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4. The Midwest is super conservative.

Iowa was the third state to legalize gay marriage. Not all of us have the same beliefs.

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5. And Midwesterners party in barns on the reg.

Barn parties are THE BEST, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we do.

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6. Midwesterners only drink Budweiser.

I mean, if it was literally the only thing available, maybe.

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7. All Midwest food is fried, then dipped in ranch.

During the state fair, duh!

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8. People in the Midwest think cheese is a main food group.

Cheese is a main food group everywhere.

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9. In the Midwest, a fancy dinner date means the Olive Garden.

WRONG! Cheesecake Factory, duh! LOL!

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10. A night out on the town in the Midwest is basically just a trip to Walmart.

Correction: Target

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11. People in the Midwest are TOO friendly.

Sorry we don’t hate life like everyone else.

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12. People in the Midwest spend their free time tipping cows.

Have you ever tried to tip a cow? Good luck.

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13. But that’s because Midwesterners all have pet cows!

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed


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14. People in the Midwest are the literal children of the corn.

Only during ~CoRn MaZe~ season.

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15. And the most fashionable the Midwest gets is a new John Deere hat.

First of all, John Deere is awesome and helps feed the world. Second of all, we DO have access to malls.

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16. People in the Midwest drive tractors around everywhere.

LOL YEAH cars don’t exist in the Midwest.

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17. And while driving their tractors, people in the Midwest are wearing overalls.

1. Overalls are adorable 2. They’re back in style 3. You’re welcome

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18. People in the Midwest LOOOOVEEE buffets.

I mean, WHO DOESN’T?

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19. And Midwesterners pee their pants about car racing on a circular track!

Only during the Indy 500, obviously, and it’s probably because we drank too much.

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20. Midwesterners only listen to country music.

Yeah, when at country concerts in the summer.

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21. And, everyone hates living in the Midwest.

The Midwest is the best, and we’re damn proud to live there. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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