25 Things That ’90s Kids Are Still Trying To Figure Out

Why did anyone buy Furbies?

1. How Rose did this in Titanic.

20th Century Fox / Via ihearttitanic.tumblr.com
ID: 2896867

2. Or how Jack got his spit to go so damn far.

20th Century Fox / Via deadbrownie.tumblr.com
ID: 2896868

3. How Robin Williams survived being stuck in Jumanji.

TriStar Pictures
ID: 2897392

4. How MASH predicted your future.

ID: 2896993

5. Why your hair never looked like this.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 2897013

6. How people saw the hidden picture right away.

ID: 2897415

7. What the lyrics to “The Circle of Life” are.

Walt Disney Pictures
ID: 2897832

8. And what the meaning behind the lyrics to “Wannabe” is.

Virgin Records / Via youtube.com
ID: 2897785

9. How the Spice Girls danced in these platform shoes without twisting their ankles.

Ron Galella, Ltd. / Wire Image
ID: 2896937

10. How Angelica’s magical tutu dress never bent.

ID: 2897389

11. Why on earth anyone would cancel The Mickey Mouse Club.

Walt Disney Pictures
ID: 2897371

12. What mysterious ingredients are inside Fruit Gushers.

Flickr: maggiet / Creative Commons
ID: 2897361

13. What JNCO stood for.

Flickr: 59473451@N05 / Creative Commons
ID: 2897253

14. If you assembled your Lunchables pizza in a new order, if it would taste different.

Flickr: mandimaebe / Creative Commons
ID: 2897215

15. Why anyone bought Furbies.

Flickr: jovriens / Creative Commons
ID: 2897208

16. How some people were able to get cool icons and font colors for their AIM messages.

Flickr: mattgrimm / Creative Commons
ID: 2897064

17. Why this never happened at your high school.

ID: 2896921

18. Why blowing air into your Nintendo video game always worked.

Flickr: raider3_anime / Creative Commons
ID: 2897338

19. How you survived the time between Harry Potter book releases.

Flickr: sararasmussen / Creative Commons
ID: 2898359

20. How one woman could be so badass.

MCA Television
ID: 2898389

21. Why your mood ring never really reflected your mood.

Flickr: tinkerroll21 / Creative Commons
ID: 2897129

22. Why the Home Alone robbers kept trying to mess with Kevin.

20th Century Fox
ID: 2898487

23. How some of your friends became masters of origami in one class period.

ID: 2898632

24. Who the old guys were that sang the “Macarena.”

ID: 2898440

25. And the flawless relationship that was Cory and Topanga. Does this happen IRL?

ID: 2896932

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