17 Of The Greatest Responses To An Ex Text Of All Time

“I really miss you.” Get in line.

1. This person who got straight to the POINT.

ID: 3461686

2. This person who laughed until they cried.

ID: 3461743

3. This person pretending to be an error message.

ID: 3461684

4. This person who believes that honesty is the best policy.

ID: 3461730

5. This person who asks the important questions.

ID: 3461687

6. This person throwing down a truth bomb.

ID: 3461736

7. This person getting REAL.

ID: 3461747

8. This person throwing major shade.

ID: 3461816

9. This person with a fiery response.

ID: 3461819

10. This person laying down the law.

ID: 3461828

11. This person with the meme that says it all.

ID: 3461846

12. This person getting sexual.

ID: 3461915

13. This person using pictures to say it all.

ID: 3461892

14. This person calling it like they see it.

ID: 3461949

15. This person telling it like it is.

ID: 3462035

16. This person who values honesty above all else.

Lara Parker
ID: 3462262

17. And this person who doesn’t have time to play games.

ID: 3462131

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