16 Couples Who Need To Be Stopped

Love is blind, and so was the photographer.

1. What? I just…can’t.

2. “Should we swim in the ocean that is literally right behind us? Nah. Let’s get in this kiddie pool.”


3. Who is taking these pictures?

4. “So like, we’ll just lie down, and then pretend we’re running, but we’re just lying down. No one will know.”

Flickr: burpsean / Via Creative Commons

5. “Someone please save us.” — Bunnies

7. All the blood rushing to her head, how dreamy.

Flickr: eightk / Via Creative Commons

8. This dude doesn’t understand the meaning of alone time.

Flickr: marciashields / Via Creative Commons

9. I love looking longingly into people’s ears.

Flickr: rifqidahlgren / Via Creative Commons

10. True love means picking each other’s noses…or something.


11. Metamorphosis: The Couple

Flickr: eyermonkey / Via Creative Commons

12. Yeah, no, just cover her nipples and then look to the sky. It’ll be awesome.

Flickr: zubrow / Via Creative Commons

13. WELCOME TO MY BUTTHOLE. How romantic.

14. “Should we smile? Nah, let’s look as uncomfortable as possible.”


15. Human waste has a way of turning you on, amirite?!

16. “Can you not?! Just trying to run here…” — guy running

Flickr: samanthaturchin / Via Creative Commons

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