16 Couples Who Need To Be Stopped

Love is blind, and so was the photographer.

1. What? I just…can’t.

ID: 3166056

2. “Should we swim in the ocean that is literally right behind us? Nah. Let’s get in this kiddie pool.”

ID: 3165473

3. Who is taking these pictures?

ID: 3165623

4. “So like, we’ll just lie down, and then pretend we’re running, but we’re just lying down. No one will know.”

Flickr: burpsean / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159606

5. “Someone please save us.” — Bunnies

ID: 3158263

6. …Why?

ID: 3159079

7. All the blood rushing to her head, how dreamy.

Flickr: eightk / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159294

8. This dude doesn’t understand the meaning of alone time.

Flickr: marciashields / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159370

9. I love looking longingly into people’s ears.

Flickr: rifqidahlgren / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159617

10. True love means picking each other’s noses…or something.

ID: 3165431

11. Metamorphosis: The Couple

Flickr: eyermonkey / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159669

12. Yeah, no, just cover her nipples and then look to the sky. It’ll be awesome.

Flickr: zubrow / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3159592

13. WELCOME TO MY BUTTHOLE. How romantic.

ID: 3165465

14. “Should we smile? Nah, let’s look as uncomfortable as possible.”

ID: 3165653

15. Human waste has a way of turning you on, amirite?!

ID: 3166184

16. “Can you not?! Just trying to run here…” — guy running

Flickr: samanthaturchin / Via Creative Commons
ID: 3170154

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