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    • kyrski

      fieldingbridget, my family owned high & mid content wolf dogs, NOT domesticated huskies. there are HUGE differences between a dog and a wolf dog. thanks for assuming though. you also missed the point of my post, unsurprisingly. i’m well aware of the history of “domesticating” foxes. my point is not that breeding them into the ground is an immediate threat, but that society as a whole has a very irresponsible obsession with owning nature, and bending it to our will, just for fleeting amusement. just because we can, does not mean we should.
      dogs and cats are centuries ahead of foxes in terms of being domesticated. they have been domesticated in such a way that they act as companions, can be easily trained into habits and routines that last their entire lives, and can live without us if need be (hell, look at how many strays there are). this fox does not qualify. the owner specifically said it cannot live in the wild. there are many instinctive behaviors foxes have that do not disappear as a result of being kept confined as a “pet” for a few generations. and if you knew anything about the domestic fox program in russia, you’d know that it hit a financial wall in the 90s, and has since not really gone anywhere. they’re just selling expensive ass foxes to people. those same foxes in the program were only selectively bred for personality (i.e. not aggressive) and fur patterns. that is a long shot from being as tame as a dog or cat. and if we’re being really nit-picky, they have been “domesticating” them in russia for less time than the fox this article is even about, so…i call bullshit.

    • kyrski

      of course it’s not easy to take care of like a dog or cat…because it is NOT domesticated. i’m sorry, but as someone else below said, just because an animal’s lineage is 100 years removed from surviving on their own in the wild does not mean they are domesticated to exist as a pet. it’s now a wild animal that imprinted on a human and will depend on that human until it dies. what is it with people’s obsession with taming the wild? animals are going extinct, and hundreds of thousands of cats & dogs are without homes, breeding nonstop, and dying all around us, but golly gee wouldn’t it just be so stinkin’ cute to have a fox as a pet?! half the people i know with pets don’t even take care of them responsibly, and now everyone is going to want a fox as a pet. it’s cute, it is, but it’s not ethically responsible. the woman SHOULD be afraid people would advocate for her to not own one, because she shouldn’t.
      this is coming from someone who had a wolf dog growing up. my grandpa and dad thought they would be unique and interesting to have them…well, as you can imagine, they are not good pets, but because people have bred them, people will continue to want them, despite them being high energy, high maintenance, pretty much wild animals. yeah, it’s cool to say i had one, but unless you have the proper containment system for them, the right kind of diet, a vet that actually has experience with wolf dogs, etc. what’s the point? you can’t really bring them around a ton of people or other dogs either because many are not properly socialized. this is just another thing to roll my eyes at. obviously it’s all said and done, she has the animal and hopefully will take care of it as it needs, but it has now been publicized to the point where people will normalize it and “pet” foxes will become over/inbred. but whatever right? who cares because it’s sooooooo cute!!!!11!!

    • kyrski

      whoever wrote this letter is not a good friend, and ties should be cut. it’s just spiteful & mean without needing to be. that being said…there is such a thing as too many baby pictures. and i LOVE babies. i nanny my nine month old niece almost every day & send countless snapchats to the people i know who want to see them. i don’t have facebook anymore, but when i did, believe me…some people do go overboard. as in, posting 162 photos from one afternoon just sitting around the house with their baby. 5-10 of the best from the pictures you took, i understand. but when you post over a hundred photos, many of them in consecutive order (as in, you’re clicking through the pictures and you can see the baby in the process of blinking or crawling two feet over the span of 50 pictures) it gets to be a bit much.

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