32 Adorable Photos Of The "Girl Meets World" Cast Hanging Out In Real Life

♫ I feel alright, I’m gonna take on the world ♫

1. This is the modern-day Matthews family, aka the cast of Girl Meets World.

“The Matthews family”

ID: 3509782

2. The first season of the show premiered in June, but the cast has been working together for about a year now.

“Episode 21”

ID: 3509769

3. And it seems like the cast has become pretty close.

“Father and son #GirlMeetsWorld”

ID: 3509773

4. Although, to be fair, some of the cast members happen to go way back.


ID: 3509772

5. Rowan Blanchard (Riley Matthews) and her TV dad Ben Savage look like they get along famously.

“Backstage at the #RDMAs with @rowanblanchard”

ID: 3509770

6. And have a lot of fun with each other, even when the cameras aren’t on.

“Coffee and Conversation at La Conversation with the father. @bensavage”

ID: 3509878

7. Sabrina Carpenter (Riley’s best friend, Maya) calls the Girl Meets World Crew her “family.”

“So glad I got to see part of my family today! Love you guys. Miss you @bensavage @rowanblanchard”

ID: 3509818

8. The two best friends on the show are also best friends in real life!

ID: 3509831

9. And as everyone knows, friends who take selfies together stay together.

“Blair and Serena are back in the big city. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.”

ID: 3509805

10. Ben and Rowan spend time giving back to the community.

“Read Across America with @rowanblanchard”

ID: 3509778

11. They also travel the world together.

“Love this town”

ID: 3509744

12. Posing, like father like daughter.

“Out and about in London”

ID: 3509745

13. “Beauty and the Beast,” according to Savage.

“Beauty and the Beast”

ID: 3509742

14. They celebrated Danielle Fishel’s birthday together.

“Lunch with the the beautiful birthday girl. You are so incredibly talented and I am so happy I can call you my role model. I love you. @daniellefishel”

ID: 3509851

15. And they got really excited when they found this poster walking around Disneyland.

“Guys, it’s amazingly insanely crazily unbelievably weird to be waking around in disneyland when BAM. [there are not enough words to describe the overwhelming butterflies in my stomach when I saw this.”

ID: 3509852

16. Here they are hanging out in the Associated Press’ newsroom.

ID: 3509762

17. And at a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

“What a night #kershaw #nohitter”

ID: 3509764

18. They look like they’re comfortable enough around each other to act goofy and silly.

“Love this cast”

ID: 3509780

19. ~ cuties ~

“Big brother! And the best part of this photo is that @raeganlol is creeping in the background”

ID: 3509795

20. They definitely don’t hate spending time together.

“One day till #GirlMeetsWorld ? I guess you could say we are excited.”

ID: 3509800

21. Fake siblings, real friends.

“Good morning, NYC. You are even better with my baby brother in it.”

ID: 3509806

22. “Best fraaaands” just hangin’.

“Girl Meets World Dodger Game Night with the crew and the best fraaaand @sabrinacarpenter @bensavage photo credit to @daniellefishel”

ID: 3509810

23. Maya + Farkle 4 e

“Fruity eyed cause you can’t blame us for trying. @coreyfogelmanis”

ID: 3509816

24. Sabrina looks up to Danielle and calls her a role model.

“My favorite jerk in the world. But it’s the best kind of jerk. Happy Topanga Tuesday. I love you! @daniellefishel”

ID: 3509825

25. And she chills with her fictional teacher off the set, too.

“Jeeves you’re the best, after Melissia of course. @bensavage”

ID: 3509827

26. Here are the girls of Girl Meets World.

“#RDMAs with my girls @sabrinacarpenter and @rowanblanchard”

ID: 3509847

27. And a couple of the guys.

“Headed to the Planes: Fire & Rescue Premiere with this dude.”

ID: 3509862

28. Here they are, reunited after spending time away from each other.

“Together again! #GMW photo creds to @augustmaturo”

ID: 3509871

29. Careful picking favorites, Farkle.

“One of my favorite GMW girls:) @rowanblanchard”

ID: 3509876

30. Don’t you wish you could be friends with everyone on Girl Meets World?

Love spending time with these people! @rowanblanchard @sabrinaannlynn @peytonmeyer @augustmaturo #GirlMeetsWorld”

ID: 3509874

31. Long live the Matthews’ family (and friends)!

“Two things are finally here. The best day of the week!! #FARKLEFRIDAY And the premiere of #girlmeetsworld tonight on Disney Channel!”

ID: 3509864

32. ♫ They feel alright, they’re gonna take on the world ♫

“My first class”

ID: 3509788

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