15 Youths Who Will Definitely Be President One Day

You would vote all of these people into office, today.

1. This aspiring vice-president, who hung this sign above a urinal.

ID: 3162704

2. This candidate, who knows how to get people’s attention:

ID: 3162658

3. This wannabe class historian, who understands the value of honesty:

ID: 3162641

4. This aspiring class secretary, who makes realistic promises:

ID: 3162650

5. This candidate, who knows what is most important in life:

It is a Hawaiian day and sunglasses day.

ID: 3226082

6. This aspiring president, who is definitely not going to jerk you around:

ID: 3162663

7. This candidate, who received the highest of endorsements:

The highest.

ID: 3162670

8. This young man, who is humble about his accomplishments:

ID: 3162696

9. This future leader, who knows the value of a good joke:

ID: 3162713

10. This candidate, who already had a pretty good idea as to how to world works:

ID: 3226278

11. This young man, who knows that emotional blackmail is the best motivator:

ID: 3162718

12. This youth, who knows better than to get your expectations up:

ID: 3162767

13. This proud candidate, who understands the most pressing issues facing out country now and forever:

ID: 3162788

14. And this person, who knows that “not biting” is a really important asset nowadays:

ID: 3162724

15. This leader, who has the solution to all of your budgetary problems:

ID: 3162775

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