18 People Who Are Doing This Sexting Thing Completely Right

“What would you do if you got into my bed?” “I’d sleep.”

1. This person who is clearly spoken for:

ID: 3509238

2. This person who is going to be really honest with you:

ID: 3509163

3. This invitation to lose yourself:

ID: 3508106

4. This person who knows what love is, and wants to show you:

ID: 3508850

5. This brilliant closer of deals:

ID: 3508745

6. This person who honestly didn’t even think they would get this far:

ID: 3508858

7. This request that you really think about your choices:

ID: 3509133

8. This person who knows exactly what. you. want:

ID: 3509282

9. This person who knows exactly what they want:

ID: 3508736

10. This pure and true honesty:

ID: 3513534

11. The person who just had enough of this:

ID: 3509284

12. This person who is not messing around:

ID: 3509202

13. This person who takes this very seriously:

ID: 3513931

14. This stupid sexy sext:

ID: 3513915

15. The person who isn’t having any of your shit:

ID: 3514080

16. This person who calls it like they see it:

ID: 3514100

17. This person who is basically showing you the door:

ID: 3514014

18. And everything about this epic love song:

ID: 3515202

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